Price and specifications
MinSu TR2015 robot vacuum cleaner

Power of suction 800 Pa
Cleaning area 185.8061 m²
Dust Box Capacity 500 ml
Power 24 W
Battery capacity 2 000 mAh
Noise 50 dB

Robot vacuum cleaners MinSu TR2015

Release DateJune 2015
Availability On sale
Brand MinSu
Model TR2015



Power of suction 800 Pa (pascal)
Cleaning area 185.8061 m² (square meters)
Dust Cleaning Yes
Dust Box Capacity 500 ml (millimeters)
Wet Cleaning Yes


Color Champagne
Length 330 mm (millimeters)
Width 330 mm (millimeters)
Height 78 mm (millimeters)
Weight 2500 kg (kilogram)


Power 24 W (watts)
Voltage 19 V (volt)


Battery Type Li-Ion
Battery capacity 2000 mAh


Noise 50 dB
Using orientation Floor cleaning
Self recharging Yes
Telemetry Yes
Virtual Wall No
LCD Display Yes
Anti Falling Yes

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