Customs Declaration form (CN23)

Fill Customs Declaration form (CN23) online form. Print the document, download PDF or we can send you it to your email. can offer you the custom declaration form in pdf file of you desire so you can analyze it and get a better vision of what we are trying to explain here. For you as a customer it is better to get the custom declaration CN23, where you can download it and analyze the information you need to give.

Online customs Declaration form (CN23)
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Understanding the Basics of Declaration and Custom Duty with

Having trouble understanding the fundamental meaning of declaration and custom duty? We are going to clear everything up for you. is here to explain everything related to the definition of these both terms, by which you can understand the process of buying online Chinese products.

In today’s world, where every little product can be bought online with just one click, it is important to be informed about the step that happens after this online purchasing. Is this is something related to declaration or custom duties? The online electronic transactions themselves are not topic to taxes or tariff duties, but the products bought online from foreign countries definitely are.

We want to stick to this subject and explain to you the basic meaning of these terms, so you can have a convenient shopping experience, that can offer to you. is a place where all the best Chinese online shops are gathered. With you can find everything you need, literally from A to Z! We offer you new but pleasant shopping experience, where we guarantee you that you will enjoy every single time. With us you are closer to the affordable prices the high-quality Chinese products can offer!

Custom Declaration Form & Its Foundation

When it comes to custom declaration, the first thing you need to understand is that it is a process where you need to be familiar with your obligations as an online buyer, or with other words to know the rules and regulation of the online shopping. is always here to make everything pretty easer for its customers and explaining the meaning of custom declaration is not an exception. That is why we would like to explain the basics of custom duties that apply when importing and exporting from China to EU countries and non EU countries.

A custom declaration is demanded if:

  • The shipment involves products for wholesale purposes and whose total amount is over than 1000 euro.
  • The shipment involves products for wholesale purposes that create part of a standard series of similar or identical transactions and the amount of the individual shipment is lower than 1000 euro, but the total value of all shipments is more than 1000 euro.
  • The shipment involves products for which a guarantee of export allowance (discount or bonus) or some other sums of the payment of costs is calculated or has been applied for.
  • A custom declaration is required when there are restricted or banned, or are perhaps subject to export approval for products, technologies and production documents as a result of the regulations and laws presented in foreign trade legislation and as well as the legal acts of the Commission or Council of the European Communities.
  • A custom declaration is required if the products are subject to different formalities (statistical formalities or maybe demand for an export license). can offer you the custom declaration form in pdf file of you desire so you can analyze it and get a better vision of what we are trying to explain here. For you as a customer it is better to get the custom declaration CN23, where you can download it and analyze the information you need to give.

If you have any kind of questions related to declaration, contact our user-friendly customer service via phone or e-mail. We are here to answer to all of your questions and provide an opportunity for you to shop without any kind of worries. cares deeply for its customers and that is the exact reason why the number of customers continue to grow day by day.

Custom Duty – Meaning and Definition

Custom duty is a tax or tariff imposed on products when hipped across international countries. The real purpose of custom duty is to preserve and protect each country’s residents, economy, environment, jobs and etc. by simply having control on the flow of products.

The total amount of duty depends on the nature of the product, destination country, country of manufacture and the value of the product. It is absolutely no way to predict the total amount of custom duty ahead of time. It is very normal that some products that you have seen online have higher duty rate than others.

For you to better understand the meaning of custom duty, we would like to share few examples with you, so that you realize how this function. Here is a list of few products and their duty rate in the EU countries:

  • Tablet: 0%
  • Wristwatches: 4,5% (min is 0,30 euro and max is 0,80 euro)
  • T-Shirts: 12%
  • Solar Panels: 0%
  • Electric Bikes: 6%
  • Peanuts: 12,8%
  • LED Bulb Lights: 4,7%

If you need any kind of help in finding the with custom duty rate for your product, you should know that we are here for you. When you make an order, here at we inform you about the custom duty rate and all about the additional taxes, depending the country you are from. That is the advantage of shopping at – You are always informed about everything and you are always in step with the happenings around you. We never don’t let down our customers. Your loyalty means everything to us, and we are going to do everything that is in our power to prove you that.

Conclusion – Why is Here to Make the Online Shopping Process Simpler and Easer

Besides informing you about the custom declaration and offering you an opportunity to get a declaration form in pdf form, we would like for you as a buyer to be informed about the custom duties and what they represent in the online shopping world.

And remember if you need any kind of help with filling up the declaration form, don’t hesitate to contact use! is here for its customers 24 hours a day. You can count on our help and we promise you that you will be not disappointed at all.

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