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About PostNL International

PostNL International Mail is the leading provider of postal and parcel services in the Netherlands. We work closely with national postal services and personal delivery partners in order to offer customers the most comprehensive and reliable network for delivery of their mail and packages – not just in the Netherlands but also abroad. Log-In into our website for more information about our International product and services.

With international Track & Trace you can follow your registered mail item or packet to its destination using our online international tracking setup. Once your items are on their way you can easily monitor their progress by using your single barcode. Inside a few clicks, you know if your item is underway or if it has already reached its destination.

You can track your international registered mail package or packet by entering your items R-barcode in the field on the right side of this paper. You can find your barcode on your proof of posting receipt. You can track up to 25 barcodes as soon as possible. Please enter one barcode per line, and click Find! to start your search. Our international tracking setup is available free of charge.

Postal organization have for more than 100 years connected all people even in the most acute circumstances by maintaining a worldwide postal network. The crucial assets of this network are trust, interconnectivity and visibility as a worldwide quality. These all things are of high value in a fast changing world bring by the digital transition.

More than 70 per cent of the world’s Posts say that electronic benefits are crucially important to their business. This finding provides impetus to the goal of developing the post platform. The .post platform interconnects current and future electronic postal services and makes them interoperable in a safe and trust worthy environment. It will genuine postal service providers and strengthen the postal brand globally.

Post determine to link the physical and digital worlds, creating a secure platform that enables postal e-services to be delivered to all civilians and businesses. Applications, such as identity management, e-shops, e-payments, e-forms, secure postal mail box, address management and advertising mail, would have a home on this future platform.

As the entitle postal operator in The Netherlands, and a proud member of the Universal Postal Union, PostNL is keen to explore the possibilities of the .post platform.

Direct mail deliveries are usually not time-critical. For that reason they are usually sent through our Standard Delivery service. While delivery time will be slightly longer, it means we can offer you a superior rate. Even if faster delivery is required, we advise you to send an International Bulk Mail shipment (min 100 item) with Priority Delivery.

Please note that in many cases we are able to supply a tailored solution, which means you can qualify for a discount depending on your delivery needs.

PostNL provides an Annual Volume Discount over the annual volume per result group. The services groups are: - Bulk Domestic Letterbox Mail - Bulk Domestic Letterbox Packets; - Bulk International Letterbox Mail - Bulk International Letterbox Mail.

PostNL aims to include any applicable crediting or debiting over the itemized for February of the following calendar year.

Unless stated otherwise in the Agreement or in the conditions that apply to a specific Service, the Services specified in the Agreement will be subject to the Conditions of Payment for Services provided on Account included in the latest version of the brochure entitled ‘Beta lings voorwaarden PostNL’ (PostNL Conditions of Payment).

PostNL and the Customer oblige not to disclose any confidential information regarding the subjects of the Agreement, their business activities and business processes to a third party (unless it is required to do so by law) without having demanded and obtained the written consent of the third Party, or unless stated otherwise in the Agreement.

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