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FindPare provides real-time shipping details about many courier services, including the Yun Express Tracking Package. Our courier tracking service supports multiple languages and shows you the exact status of your package. If you are not sure what your estimated delivery time is, you can also calculate the Yun Express delivery time and see when your order is going to arrive. Thanks to our express courier tracking, we always update the Yun Express shipping details on time and provide you with accurate information about your package location and the time it needs to reach your destination.

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Yun Express is an innovative company providing logistics solutions. We specialize in e-commerce, logistics, IT and other fields. Every day, we manage the global flow of goods and information in more than 200 countries and territories. We will continue to provide professional and efficient logistics services.

Yun Express tracking, tracking more cloud delivery tracking API, shipping management and batch tracking option to receive automatic notification are some special features of the official site of Yun Express.

Cross-border e-commerce logistics courier transport services, cutting-edge brand, founded in 2014, and through the integration of specialized air transport domestic and international high-quality logistics resources, organization, IT, operations, customer service team, the electricity supplier to provide fast seller, safe, and efficient logistics services to help your business to expand and enhance the competitive advantage of core products on a global scale.

At present cross-border cooperation, including those from electricity providers Amazon, desire, AliExpress, eBay, Lazada, his well-known LiNiO platform vendors.

Automatic tracking and delivery notifications: After logging in, you can set the Notification Settings, the system will automatically track your transport courier waybill and inform customers in the transport process, pick up, delivery or exception.

Bay compatible with eBay / AliExpress / Magento is: with your eBay, AliExpress account border Magento to tracking more, our system will work together to collect data, so you can check out the waybill information in one place.

Services: The whole territory of the United Kingdom, no remote.

Billing: per kg shipping + registration fee, billing in units of G

Parcel weight limit: ≤20KG

Shipments size: the longest side ≤61cm; second long side ≤46cm (61cm * 46cm * 46cm)

Take the goods properties: general cargo / Distribution

Reporting requirements: the declared value of the shipment and the name needs to declare truthfully, do not accept the declared value greater than or equal to 163 dollars of goods, the recipient does not accept the same name, same mailing address, same day parcel declared cumulative value of more than 163 dollars. If 24≤ declared value <163, will produce value-added tax, VAT generated charged 25% of the declared value

Send back PcsWgt services: The channel is not supported from the United Kingdom to return to Hong Kong service

Returned package if re-sent due to cost,

  1. Write errors or incomplete information caused by charged 40RMB / ticket
  2. Non-Write errors or incomplete information due to return, our company is responsible for free delivery once again.

Re-send period of one month, from the notification from the customer to return the parcel within a month, customers can choose to re-send, reply if, after more than a month, the default package is destroyed.

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