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AB Lietuvos pastas is a public limited company and is the largest provider of postal services in Lithuania. Having developed long lasting traditions and by providing professional services from a long time, the company has successfully earned public trust. The services rendered by the team of professionals are used by almost 80000 customers each month all over the country.

On 11th July 1562, the king of Poland commissioned Christopher Taxis to organise a regular mail transport route via Vilnius-Krakow—Vienna-Venice. In those times letters between Krakow and Vilnius used to get delivered in 7 days.

The importance of post increased after year 1583 when the Polish king Stefan Batory, enforced standardised mail charges, thus providing universal access to mail. At that time, mail began to be delivered on a regular basis.

On November 16, 1918, the Lithuanian Ministry of Finance, trade and Industry minister Martin Ycas signed a decree establishing a Lithuanian postal board. This date is considered as the official founding day of Lithuanian postal services. World War II destroyed Lithuanian international relations leading to end of both postal and rail transport system making its postal activity compeletely dependent on Moscow.

On 7th October 1990 finally mail came into circulation once again with the release of their first independent Lithuanian stamp series named “Angel”.

Lithuania post exclusively serves a population of about 3.2 million. Initially part of a unified postal and tele-communications Company after fall of communism, Lithuania post was set up in the year 1991 and was set up as a separate state owned enterprise. It was later reorganised as a Public limited company in 2006.The Company has 729 access points including 702 stationary post offices.

Lithuania post currently generates about half i.e. (51.2%) of its income from providing universal postal service, and about 21% from financial services and 6% from courier services. The company has a 93.5% share of postal market, which was previously fully opened to competition.

Lithuania postal system makes sending mail and packages cheap and easy. Lithuania post provides courier service and door to door delivery for 82 countries. They have 880 outlets for providing reliable financial services at different convenient locations. Lithuania post provides postal services through 800 post offices.

All items weighing less than 500 gram and with maximum dimensions of 20 mm in height and 381 in length and 305 mm in width are treated as letters. Money can be sent by money orders or Western union money transfer to recipients in Lithuania and abroad.

Cost of sending parcels to different countries can be obtained by entering the country name and weight of the package on Lithuania post website.

Multiple couriers can be tracked ( siuntu paieska) by entering up to by tracking numbers of 12 or 13 digits, each separated by enter key on lietuvos

Lithuanian post also offers several value added services like ordering your favourite Lithuanian and foreign periodicals, Buying postage stamps, first day sheets and other philatelic, obtaining car insurance, bus tickets and several other services.

If someone wants to contact Lithuanian postal service through phone, the calls are charged for TEO customers at the tariff of 0.05 EUR/min plus the call setup fee of EUR 0.03 per call. The tariffs are exclusive of VAT. You can also send an email at

Call centre number is +370 5233 3060 and can be reached from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 18:00 pm.

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