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FindPare provides real-time shipping details about many courier services, including the Tele Post Tracking Package. Our courier tracking service supports multiple languages and shows you the exact status of your package. If you are not sure what your estimated delivery time is, you can also calculate the Tele Post delivery time and see when your order is going to arrive. Thanks to our express courier tracking, we always update the Tele Post shipping details on time and provide you with accurate information about your package location and the time it needs to reach your destination.

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Based in: gl Greenland [DK] | Tele Post support | Tele Post official website

Track all your Tele Post Tracking features available on the official website To track, customers must be registered for the tracking services. Registration is easy. They can do it through their mobile phones, internet, landline, computers and even through mail. By signing up through their email addresses, they are allowed to access the tracking system.

Tracking is done by entering the consignment number and selecting submit. The results of the tracking details will be displayed on the screen. The system allows for tracking of up to 40 consignments. Each batch code allows for tracking of up to ten parcels. In case the consignments are more than ten, then customers can used different tracking batches.

The Tele Post Tracking system is activated on keying in of the 13 digits for each consignment. The 13 digits codes are given as R 123456789 GL. GL stands for Greenland.

When the digits are being tracked, tracking number is entered and submitted. In case of multiple items tracking, a new tracking number is input on a fresh line. After reaching ten consignments, the customers submit a search query. They will receive the tracking results for every consignment. Each will have the tracking number with the corresponding tracking status in a line. If the consignments are more than ten, the procedure is repeated again for the remaining consignment, until the last one is input, the hit search. Results for each of the consignment will be shown in each line together with status.

Tracking also allows customers to get notification of parcels being tracked. It will notify the customers whether the parcels have been picked up for dispatch from their offices, in transmit, unsuccessful delivery attempt, or when it have been received by the recipient. Tele Post Tracking can be done for parcels sent out using EMS service, registered mail service and parcels, deliveries (via air or land). Tracking allows them to reliably know where their shipments have reached.

Tele Post undertakes services such like:

  • Business logistics
  • TUSASS (topping up mobile phones, new mobile connection, validate mobile number, credit card payment, etc).
  • Domestic parcels services
  • Coastal safety (radio call contacts with all vessels plying its territorial waters)l
  • IP infrastructure (providing connectivity between all IP service providers)
  • Local IP service (providing connection between SP point of purchase to wholes IP service providers)
  • Exports processing

Tele Post offer what is called Tele Infra which is meant to connect the entire Greenland with all manner of infrastructure. They have digital radio, satellite connections, marine fibre optics cable connection linking Greenland to Canada, Iceland and the rest of the world. All these systems are in place to ensure local and international parcels are tracked quickly and reliably even in bad weather.

Registered mails are delivered faster. Further, thy allow customers to change their delivery addresses, be able to receive home delivery of up to 30 kg and also request for email notification when received.

Tele Post enables customers to find post office near them, get post codes, and contact customer care services. Customer care also provide solution in all areas of Tele Post operations. Customers can get Logistics, Business Solutions, Human Resources, Press department information, including details of all Tele post centres outlets here.

Tele Post was established to serve the 53,000 inhabitants of Greenland. Greenland is a huge collection of numerous islands, with thousands of kilometres of coastline. Communication between them is only possible through the extensive network offered by Tele Post system.

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