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TNT Post wants to make your life as simple as possible and so we have designed a simple to use TNT tracker system. To find out if your shipment has been delivered, who sign in for it and other tracking information just type in your TNT consignment numbers or your owned consignment reference, select the appropriate button and click on track.

To track your consignment, first log-in into our TNT Online website and then go the desired section of tracking and enter the 9 digit consignment number, e.g. 123456781. If your consignment number appears more than one in the results field, you can use the letters as shown on your consignment note, e.g. GE123456781WW, to avoid duplicate results.

Today, TNT Express is an international company, operating in 200 countries around the world. But the company really started from very simple beginnings, in Australia back in the 1940s, when Ken Thomas set up his owned transport business with just a single truck.

Business crash in the 1950s as Ken’s company began offering road and rail transportation services between Australia including, for the first time, new brief services. In 1958, the company came known as Thomas Nationwide Transport or TNT for short and, in 1961, TNT had become so successful that it was recorded on the Australian stock exchange.

TNT Express is one of the greatest logistics networks in the world, based in Netherlands. It is supported by thousands of employees, huge fleet and even its own cargo airline company. Not to mention its record breaking profit every year, competing with industry leaders such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc. UPS even tried to acquire this company for an enormous 6.7b, but the offer was rejected.

This company has complete existence in over 61 countries and supply shipping of mail, parcels and courier packages done over 201 countries. United States of America, China, India, Dubai, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Thailand, New Zealand, and Canada are some of its powerful markets.

One of the reasons behind its success can be accounted to science. It modify to latest technology and practices and in reality, TNT Express tracking form is one of the first to offer courier tracking services. Coming to its history, it originally begun out as small scale transport business by Ken Thomas in 1946. In 2011, it divided from the parent corporation which is now known as PostNL.

TNT's tagline, The People System, reflects our resilient, reliable network of skilled people across the globe, who develop powerful relationships with customers. We go the excess mile to help consumers involve their businesses, providing our time, energy, creativity and expertise. We have a fixed schedule of sending the couriers daily and also for booking the couriers, one can easily log-in into our website and can get the TNT Schedule from the desired section.

At TNT, we have a long-standing assurance to protecting the environment, promoting safety and health and to control our operations with honesty and with regard for the interests of all stakeholders.

Join Responsibility is integrated in our Outlook strategy planned two strategic priorities: grow efficiency and productivity, and prioritise Health and Safety practices.

TNT services the safe vehicle, safe driver, and safe journey access to identify and implement effective risk mitigation measures for road security. We follow continuous improvement in each of these areas: vehicle, driver, and journey, in follow to subcontractor management.

The major challenge in reducing road accidents is to insure consistent application of this access, specifically in less-developed countries, and to insure subcontractors adopt corresponding standards in training. Where appropriate, we help the improvement of public infrastructure quality, which is another relevant factor in enhancing road safety.

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