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About Faroe Post

When tracking parcels sent via Faroe Post, customers enter the shipment tracking number and select search in order for the tracking results to be relayed on their screens.

Faroe Post tracking can be done for all international parcels getting into Faroe. Customers just log into the Faroe Post website, www.posta.fo. They have options of 16 languages to communicate with.

Entering the 13 digit barcode numbers issued at the post office at the time of longing the parcels for delivery, customers can simply select the language of tracking and track. They will be issued with tracking results online.

To auto-track and get delivery notifications, customers can log in, enter their details, set up the "Notification setting" and select search. This will allow the system to auto-track parcels sent through Brunei Post.

The same module can be set to provide auto notification on the status of the parcels being tracked. Here, customers are issued with alerts when the parcels have been accepted to delivery, any pick up has been done, when on transit between different countries and also when they have actually been delivered. They also provide information if the parcels have been delayed or returned due to various reasons.

Tracking is offered for air mail, sea mail. It also offers waybill numbers, notifies customers when the parcels are on transit, pick has been done, when a parcels as been successfully delivered and any exceptional events has transpired (eg consignee not available, the parcels have been rerouted, weather delays, etc.

Their website is compatible with those of eBay and alibaba, therefore making ecommerce transaction and logistics seamless in their website. The systems bond to Trackmore and other third party online parcel tracking domains therefore creating an efficient management of shipments.

To track shipments, you need to fill in the 13 digits of your tracking number. These digits cab begin with R 123456789 FO, V 123456789 FO, A 123456789 FO, C 123456789 FO, E 123456789 FO and L 123456789 FO. All these codes have prefixes indicating the type of postal services used.

The Faroe Post Tracking system also allows for multiple consignment tracking. Upon 10 consignments can be tracked using a single batch code. New consignment numbers are to be recorded in a fresh line. If the consignments are more than ten, repeats again for the remaining consignment until the last one is input, the hit search. Results for each of the consignment will be shown in each line together with status.

Faroe Post Tracking provides relevant information in regards to the tracked consignments, including:

  • Operations information
  • Transport information
  • Customs status
  • unsuccessful delivery attempt
  • return to sender
  • delays
  • other reasons
  • Items delivery confirmation

Registered mails are delivered faster. Further, thy allow customers to change their delivery addresses, be able to receive home delivery of up to 30 kg and also request for email notification when received.

Faroe Post website provide information related to the branches, post code guidance, international networks, ordinary air mails and ordinary surface mails.

Faroe Post undertakes has over 34 post offices and 90 postal carriers. It is served with over 300 postal staff

Prohibited materials which can not be delivered include sharp objects. explosives, cash/coins, controlled drugs, etc.

Faroe Post started operations in 1976 as Posta. In 2005 it was listed on the stock exchange and renames Postverk Faroe. It was again renamed Posta in 2010.

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