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Sea mail service began in 1798 has been operating from 1884 entered into force "Macao Postal Service interim guidance" so far.

Macao Post will never be managed in accordance with the International Convention for postal services, also issued its first stamp "crown" on March 1 the same year, Macao's postal history in this context will be opened a new page.

Subsequently, when the Post Office to launch many new services, including the 1891 launch of a the public satisfied with the remittance service, service PO Box 1905, 1910 in the main streets of the first set of mailboxes, as well as in April 1958 in sea and air parcel post and service.  One can very easily get the Macau Postal Code from our Macau Post Website.

Macao telephone service transfer from 1 July 1927 to part of Posts and Telecommunications and Technology Agency jurisdiction. December 8, 1929, Senado Square post office building built, including Siemens has also set up's first step automatic telephone exchange.

Become one of the institutions of the Macao Special Administrative Region to provide quality services, and serve the public.

Customer first, will play heart than own spirit so that employees work closely together, to play a high degree of team spirit, make better by Postal Service, Postal Service of the public are satisfied, so that employees have a sense of satisfaction and become a subject of great importance to the work force.

Macao and actively promote international development of physical and electronic postal services, make services more diversified, and improve the service network and expand their business in order to meet the public need for the present and future of the Postal Service.

Do everything we can to the people and to provide fast and accurate, good-value postal services, and implementing the spirit of public servant.

Promoting international postal agreement, the agreements and regulations and other applicable;

Ensure that the Macao Special Administrative Region in situ transmission or specified business postal traffic; Build relationships with relevant international postal service; Promote the needs of the market for postal services, manufacturing and development of postal products; Be sure to use postage stamps and other fees votes manufacture, distribution, sale and distribution of postage machine; Promoting the sale of stamps and other philatelic products; Promote the Postal Service and postal products and Macao people, especially the mutual links with major clients; As money and credit agencies; By the nature of banking business, and assist administrative authorities to implement social housing policies; Providing electronic certification services; Management Communications Museum.

At present, the built-in message sender via private message or sender of such nature have declared states of opening or closure of the e-mail address, in particular letters, postcards, books for the blind, aviation postal Jane, invoices, order notes of the soundtrack e-mail, small parcels, as well as printed materials, such as brochures, newspapers, books, photos and pictures

The main special service provided Posting parcel Posting Information, Customers may choose to non-preferential (surface) or priority (airmail) mode posting.

Acknowledgment of receipt (double registered) for proof of receipt of the recipient, you can choose to attach the acknowledgment of receipt of the way (double registered) posting. When posting, the sender need to fill in the single and multi-CP72 acknowledgment of receipt (CN07), as well as select non-priority (surface) or priority (airmail) mode posting.

When receiving postal parcels, recipients should present valid identification documents. If the recipient fails to receive its pro package, in addition to his legal representative to present the identity document itself, the need to produce a copy or original documents evidencing positive identity of the recipient before extraction. In the case of a legal person, must be stamped with the relevant seal.

All packages should go to the General Post Office - parcel unit extraction.

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