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About Mongol Post

Customer can track parcel delivered through Mongol Post using their websites any time throughout the day.  By entering the parcels tracking code issued during the registration of the parcels for dispatch. The details of the item being tracked will appear alongside the consignment number. In case of multiple consignments, each code is entered in a new line and entered until the next ten consignments have been the keyed in. After reaching ten, submit for search. The tracking results for each of the consignment will be displayed in its own line alongside the consignment numbers.

Tracking is initiated by entering the 13 digit code appearing in the barcode of the package or the receipt.

To prompt the tracking to provide updates on the tracking movements, customers can set up auto-tracking and delivery notification by logging into their Mongol Post and configuring the Notification Setting to allow for systematic updates delivery emails. Here, the tracking system automatically updates the email when a certain milestone is achieved during the movement of the consignment in the delivery route. It will notify the sender when the consignment has been picked for dispatch, when it has been loaded into the plane, when it is in transit in a different country, when it has arrived in the destination country and finally when it has been issued to the addressee. It also offers the following notifications:

  • Delay in delivery.
  • Recipient not home
  • Issues for mail holding by recipient.
  • Undeliverable due to address change of certain factors
  • Return back to sender

With their updated website, Mongol Post can connect seamlessly with other third party online parcels tracking services link TrackingMore, TrackOnline, etc. This allows for tracking of over 40 consignments simultaneously. Further it allows for the ecommerce businesses like eBay and Aliexpress to tracking their purchases. This provides greater reliability and connectivity.

Mongol Post offers the following services:

  • Basic services (includes postcards, greeting cards, uploads, packaging, etc)
  • Merchant services (including sale of stamps, extra packaging, etc),
  • Subscription services (for local and international newsletters and delivery)
  • Direct services (for door to door delivery)
  • Passport delivery services (including sensitive and diplomatic mails)
  • Postal freights (parcels delivery, large removals over 50kg locally)
  • Intelligent Mia services
  • Financial Services (including dispatch of corporate financial statements, issuance of PIN tax, payment of school and college fees, etc)
  • EMS services (small registered letters and parcels less than 20kg)
  • Tracking services (local and international normal and registered mails and parcels)

Mongol Post website has customer care queries where customers can note down their concern and leaving their email and telephone number, is able to be attended to promptly.

Mongol Post has an option allowing customers to calculate the freight charges of their consignment. By entering the weight of the parcels, the postal mode of delivery and its destination, they are able to be issued with the exact cost of ferrying the parcels.

Mongol Post also advertises for job opening within their organization. Vacancies to address the changing postal needs together with technology advancement to improve both employee and customers' experiences are advertised. This ensure that Mongol Post is addressing the dynamic requirement of a modern postal service

Mongol Post Corporation is a state-run company, established in 1980s. It has 22 outlets in various Mongolia regions. It has over 900 employees. It offers efficient postal services between Mongolia and other countries of the world.

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